Excerpts from a Life- I want someone…

Who is eager to come home to me

Who enjoys spending time with me

Who enjoys going fishing and golfing as I do but more importantly wants to do these things with me

Who sees me as the someone who makes him happy

Who loves every part of me

Who loves me no matter the circumstance and does not want me to change

Who makes me a priority

Who feels lucky to be with me

Excerpts from a Life- I remember a time…

When you couldn’t wait to see me and that I traveled with you consistently. Sometimes you would even leave on a Saturday so we could have the weekend together

When you would call or FaceTime me from even your cycle routes or some of your favorite places and we would just talk

When you said you wanted to feel connected to me

When I actually felt truly loved by you

And now…

When you no longer tell me you are excited to see me and I see you on occasion

When you no longer ask me to travel with you

When you no longer FaceTime and you hardly call

When you no longer say you feel connected to me

When I told you what I needed and you never responded

When I told you to tell me you loved me and you didn’t

When I asked you to say you loved me, you asked why you needed to say something immediately

And now I remember no longer feeling loved beyond a doubt