Watermelon Sangria

A refreshing twist on an old classic drink.  I especially like to make this for parties by the pool.  The fresh lime juice added to the watermelon gives it a unique kick!


7 cups watermelon cubed (keeping 1cup separate for later)

2 bottles (750ml each) white wine

2 cups watermelon vodka

3 cups lemon lime soda                                                                               

3 tbsp of fresh lime juice

Fresh mint (optional)

¼ cup sweetener (optional)


Add watermelon and the juice of one lime to a food processor or blender.  Blend on high until well pureed.  The Kitchen Ninja works perfectly for this

Using a cheesecloth, pour the watermelon puree and squeeze as much juice through.  Discard the pulp

Add white wine, vodka and lemon lime soda.  I use Sprite Zero to cut down somewhat on the calories

Add sweetener and stir well (I use stevia but any sweetener will work just fine)

Refrigerate for 4-6 hours

Serve over ice with fresh mint and a few pieces of the remaining cubed watermelon

The Sangria may separate, just stir and serve